Eloy Fisher

A PhD in Economics and Politics at The New School, I made the US my second home after serendipitously meeting “that girl” who changes everything, but I still keep a big chunk of my heart (and soul) in the sunny tropics where I am from. A Catholic contrarian, I consider myself a radical centrist, open to all opinions - a firm believer in debate, markets, transparency and democratic institutions, who is also aware of our human foibles and limitations - or if you like the self-descriptive jargon, an skeptical libertarian with (somewhat) uncomfortable yet healthy Marxist and Keynesian leanings.

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A"not-so-neutral" corner…

I will start keeping a regular, open record here at Svbtle of the thoughts, opinions and criticisms (both external and self-inflicted, both in English and Spanish) that come as a result of my academic interests in economics, politics and culture - and the intersection of everything in between.

I hope to make your time worthwhile!

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